Beginners Fly Package

New members of the Sydney Flyrodders Club are eligible for the beginners fly package.

This package covers most types of flies you would use fishing in: the Oberon area, the Thredbo and  Eucumbene Rivers.

 80 flies for $100 (Save $33) or 40 flies for $50

Parachute Adams
Royal Wulff 
Midge Red Tags   
Beadhead (BH) Red Tag, Ostrich Herl             
Rabbits Foot and CDC Emergers
Bi-visible Spider and BH Red Squirrel(RS) Wet         
Caddis Flies
Black BH Nymphs   
Olive BH Nymphs      
Hares Ear Nymphs   
Pheasant Tail Nymphs
Copper John   
Abbreviated Prince Nymph,
Czech Nymph
Caddis Pupa           
RS Caddis Pupa, Seal’s  fur nymph, Red BH nymph(6)      
Arundel Park Destroyers (APD’s)      
Olive Wooley Bugger
Black Wooley Bugger
Wooley Worms

A good quote to remember " Flies catch more fisherman than fish"