Davie McPhail Fly Patterns

Davie McPhail is a prolific fly tyer and produces many videos. He is my favorite fly tyer. Here is a link to over 300 free videos. Watch one and you will be hooked. He is good, no he is great.

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Flies for Beginners                                           6 videos
Buzzer Midge Pupa                                          12 Videos
Tube Flies                                                         7 videos
CDC Flies                                                         9 videos
Dry Flies                                                          48 videos
Traditional Scotish and Irish Flies                   33 videos
Caddis Patterns
       Dries, Emergers aqnd Nymphs                 27 videos
Shrimp Patterns for Atlantic Salmon               13 videos
Dry Flies and Emergers                                   46 videos
Wet Flies Soft Hackle                                     37 videos
Bugs and Nymphs                                           31 videos
Atlantic Salmon and SeaTrout                        33 videos