Bloomfield Grub

Hook  size 14 or 16 scud hook
Black 14.0 thread
6 turns of .015 lead free wire
3 strands of peacock herl.

Wrap the wire in the middle of the hook which will make turn upside down in the water.

Lock the wire with thread and move thread back to just behind the eye.

Tie in the three strands of peacock herl at the front.

I have a nor-vise and I spin the herl around the thread to make a tight ribbon.

Wrap the herl to the rear of the fly and then back again to the front and tie it off.

Whip finish.

Fishing the grub

I used a Cutthroat braided leader without dressing it so the leader drags the fly down.

Four feet of size 6 or 8 lb. fluro carbon tippet. (Phillip Weigall said nothing smaller. Glad I listened to him)

Slow figure eight retrieve.