Orange Bass Flopper

This is a combination hopper, Chernobyl ant and cicada in black and orange foam. I tied it in the morning for the first time. That afternoon in an hour and a half two of us caught a dozen bass in one 40 meter stretch of a local suburban stream that will remain nameless to protect it from the non-innocents. Toss it,flop it down, let it set and water movement is enough. Twitch and wait

Thread: Orange 6/0 thread and red nylon stretch over locking thread for the head.(Wooly Nylon)  Need the extra strength to tie down the head
Hook: 3X Size 6 or 8 hook
Body: Two foam pieces glued and stamped from Chernobyl ant stamps (Black and orange)
Legs: orange rubber legs
Wing: silver and blue hi-vis mixture


Glue two pieces of foam together and let them set over night. Make sure the top black piece of foam is closed cell and you can use craft foam for the bottom.

I use the 4 cm x 1 cm Chernobyl body ant stamp for the bodies making sure you make the front of the foam about 3 cm past the end of the stamp

Tying instructions 

Cover the hook with the orange thread, small coating of super glue or  Sally Hansen’s  Hard as Nails’

Tie in the foam on top of the hook orange side down with the round portion of the foam just barely past the bend of the hook.

Four turns of thread to hold the foam. Lift the foam up and wind the thread forward to the area for the next segment. Tie in two sets of orange rubber legs at the second segment.

Tie in four segments with the last segment about one hook eye from the eye. Two or three half hitches around the hook will hold your thread. Turn the fly over and coat the whole bottom with Sally Hansen’s. Set the fly aside to dry and make some more.

Trim the front foam into a narrow trapezoid shape.

Tie in the Hi-vis mixture at the last segment. Then fold over the front foam and tie it down. Two half hitches on the eye of the hook to anchor this step. Trim the foam as shown.


Attach the red thread and wrap the thread around the segment and tie in two more orange rubber legs.Finish off with two or three half hitches around the eye again. Turn the fly over and coat the bottom with Sally Hansen again.